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Self-Stirring Mug Automatic Mixing Cups


COFFEE TIME! Want to have a cup of coffee? When one makes any kind of drink or beverage, probably getting the right mix is what takes so much time. It can be irritating when one does not get the right blend of ingredients. Also when one wants to have the drink in a short time, it is way challenging. Here is when we present to you a magical super element - a self stirring mug. Yeah! you have absolutely read it right. A mug that can stir and blend the ingredients all by itself, simply with the help of a button! The self-stirring mug is the best way to stir and take your coffee. However, if your favorite beverage is chocolate, milk tea, cocoa, or any other, it works great too. Suited for just about any beverage. This amazing mug is a great choice for coffee or tea lover. The self-stirring mug can be a lovely gift for all sorts of parties as well. With the simple mechanism to operate and use, the mug is a novel item to be used by kids or even the aged. The high-grade silicone seal will secure the mug tightly to preserve the heat and coldness of your drinks. KEY FEATURES:

✅ Strong power, mixing well evenly.

✅ Easy and convenient operate.

✅ 6 Colors Options for your choice.

✅ The upgraded technology of leak-proof design.

✅ Food grade material, eco-friendly and healthy.

✅ Sealing mug cover, do not worry about liquid splashing.

✅ High-quality mute motor, you don't hear any noise when it works.

✅ Retains the temperature, flavor, freshness, and nutritional value of the drink inside. ✅ This stainless steel coffee mug with an updated scratch-resistant ceramic coating is safe and easy to hand wash.

✅ 400ml big capacity, meet the general demand drinking of coffee or milk.


 Name: Automatic Stirring Cup

 Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel Food Grade PP Plastic

 Weight: 280g  Capacity: 400ml

 Size: 11.8cm*8.8cm  Power: INNER BATTERY

 Battery: Two AAA Batteries (For Shipping Safety Reasons: Not included)